We help active people who are frustrated by pain and discomfort, find the root cause, restore normal movement, and return to a joyful, energetic, pain-free life!

  • We’re a different kind of physical therapy practice than you’ve ever experienced. No one deserves to live in pain!
  • Start enjoying life again!
    • Schedule an initial exam (only $77 – no physician referral needed!)
    • Let us find the root cause of your pain
    • Create a custom treatment plan focused on your goals
    • Start living pain-free!
  • Why we’re different: While most local physical therapy practices focus on high-volume bookings, our focus is on individualized treatment in a quiet, personal setting. We only see one patient at time, and you’ll always spend your full treatment time with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy – not aides, technicians, or interns. That means fewer appointments, faster recovery, and a quicker return to the activities you love. It also means faster relief from pain. If this approach appeals to you, call to schedule an appointment. You’ll be one step closer to a full recovery!

Your life shouldn’t be limited by pain! You should be able to fully enjoy your life!

Our expert, 5-star rated therapists can help you get your life back! The process is simple…

  • Recover – reduce your pain
  • Restore – regain normal movement and eliminate pain
  • Revitalize – get your life back
  • Thrive – optimize your life and body
  • B Your Best – flourish and live fully pain-free

At B Physical Therapy Oviedo…

  • We love to help people from their teens into adulthood

  • We love to make sure you stay active

  • We love to help you achieve goals you never thought you would

  • We love to help you when your insurance says they won’t

  • We love to help people who have tried other treatments and haven’t had the success they want

  • We love to help people like YOU find effective, local physical therapy in Oviedo, FL

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