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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About
Dry Needling

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a therapeutic technique used by trained medical professionals to help treat pain and movement impairments. This technique utilizes a thin filiform needle that gets inserted through the skin to a specific target tissue. Although commonly inserted into muscles and tendons to treat pain and tightness, dry needling can also be used to target ligaments, bones, nerves, and other connective tissues. The term “dry” needling means that there is no medication being inserted with the needle.

Is Dry Needling the Same as Acupuncture?

  • Dry needling is NOT the same as acupuncture. Although both utilize the same type of filiform needles, philosophies and needle insertion techniques/target tissues vary quite a bit. Dry needling is focused on a specific depth and specific tissue of the body. Acupuncture utilizes a technique based on traditional Chinese medicine that utilizes flow and energy of the body.

How Does Dry Needling Actually Help?

  • Commonly, dry needling is utilized to address trigger points, or knots, within the muscles. When the needle is inserted, it causes an inhibition of the problem muscle. This may elicit a local twitch response to the muscle which can aid in the reduction of tightness and discomfort, although not necessary for positive outcomes.
  • Dry needling has been shown to activate both opioid-based pain reduction, mediated by endogenous cannabinoids and the sympathetic nervous system, and non-opioid pain relief via serotonin and norepinephrine. Basically, it stimulates your body’s production of natural pain killers!

What Can Dry Needling Help With?

Dry needling can be used to help address many musculoskeletal conditions including

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Tendinopathies
  • Muscle Spasms
  • TMJ

Much more!

Will Dry Needling Fix My Problem Immediately?

Dry needling is implemented as part of a treatment plan that often also utilizes manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to help address the impairments. People with certain impairments may notice immediate results while others may take a few sessions to see improvements.

What Can I Expect with Dry Needling?

You may feel sore immediately after treatment in the area of the body you were treated, this is normal but does not always occur. It can also take a few hours or the next day before you feel soreness. The soreness may vary depending on the area of the body that was treated as well as varies person to person, but typically it feels like you had an intense workout at the gym. Soreness typically lasts 24-48 hours. Mild bruising may occur, with some areas being more likely than others. It is common to feel tired, fatigued, or somewhat “out of it” after treatment. These are all normal responses and usually do not last very long.

There are times when treatment may actually make your typical symptoms worse. This is normal. The increased soreness usually does not last more than 48 hours. When soreness diminishes, overall discomfort and pain is typically less than before the needling was performed.

If you are interested in Dry needling therapy, contact the best local physical therapy clinic in Oviedo; B Physical Therapy today for an appointment.

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The BPT Post-Operative Program

  • We know that surgery is never convenient, so we try to make the process as seamless as possible.
  • You will attend your one-on-one physical therapy sessions 1-3 times per week depending on what you and your therapist decide is best.
  • Then, you will receive a customized rehab program that you can perform using our facility…for free! We’ll instruct you on the proper form with each exercise and provide you with videos, but then come in at your convenience to complete your rehab exercise program. That way we don’t waste time during your one-on-one sessions doing 10-20 reps of each exercise. We want to save you time and money!
  • We have seen great success with this program and each week we progress your rehab program to ultimately reach your goals!

Important factors to consider after surgery

  • Diet – We highly recommend maintaining a balanced diet of high quality protein, carbohydrates, and fat. We also recommend decreasing sugar intake to help reduce inflammation. Adequate water and fiber intake is very important for healing as well. Focus on eating fruits and vegetables and consider supplementing with turmeric or ginger as natural anti-inflammatory foods.
  • Activity level – Surgery can significantly reduce your overall activity level, but we can help make modifications to keep you active. If you’re an athlete then we need to make sure you stay conditioned to aid you long-term recovery.
  • Goals – What is your goal after surgery? Whatever your goals are, we tailor your program to help reach your goals. During the later stages of recovery we will focus on getting you back to the sport or activities you love!
  • Post-surgical protocol – Many surgeons provide a post-operative protocol and we like to work alongside your surgeon to ensure the healing process goes smoothly. We communicate with your surgeon’s medical team to provide updates on your healing so you remain on track. There are specific things you can do and specific things you cannot do after your surgery and we’ll help make this simple for you to allow your body to heal properly.
  • Questions – Surgery can be scary! Our patients have the ability to communicate with our team to ask any questions. You can actually text our Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT’s) at any time with questions. That way you feel comfortable and can always get an answer to any questions you may have about the post-surgical process.

We may use a combination of the following techniques to help you get your life back (Click each to learn more).

What should I do next?

  • Schedule an initial examination – only $77, no physician referral needed!
  • Let us find the root cause of your pain
  • Create a custom treatment plan for you
  • Start living pain-free!

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