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Neck Arthritis

Are you not able to continue your cherished hobbies or everyday activities because of sharp pain in your neck when you move? With our expert Physical Therapist help, you can get to the root of your symptoms and get back to doing what you love quicker and easier.


Do You Have Neck Arthritis Pain? Here Are Common Signs And Symptoms , What May Be Causing It, and What To do About It.


What Is Neck Arthritis?

Your spine is made up of 33 vertebrae (bones) that are stacked on top of one another. Between each vertebra is a cushion-like piece of cartilage called an “intervertebral disk.” Imagine the disk as a tire, with gelatin filling the hole in the tire. The rubbery outer part is called the “annulus,” and the gelatin is called the “nucleus.” When we’re young—under 30 years of age—the disk is made mostly of gelatin. As we age, we start to lose some of that gelatin. The disk becomes flatter and less flexible, making it easier to injure. In some cases, the gelatin can push out through a crack in the rubbery exterior and lead to a herniation (bulge) or rupture (tear).

Herniated disks are most common in the neck (cervical spine) and low back (lumbar spine). In the low back, disks may become damaged by excessive wear and tear or an injury.

What are common causes of a Neck Arthritis?

Your risk for developing a neck arthritis increases due to:

  • Age – most herniated discs occur in people who are 30 to 50 years of age as a result of age-related disk degeneration. Herniated disks are less common after the age of 50, however, because with aging there is less fluid to push out of the disk.
  • Obesity – increased weight results in increased pressure on the disks
  • Occupation – jobs that are physically demanding and involve repetitive tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling, and twisting place additional stress on the disks
  • Low levels of physical activity – people who are not physically active are less able to handle physical demands

How Does It Feel?

Your risk for developing a herniated disk increases due to:

    • Grinding
    • Clicking or popping
    • Dull
    • Aching
    • Throbbing
    • Tingling

Signs And Symptoms 

      • Pain improves at rest or restricting motion
      • Inability to bend or rotate your neck
      • Difficulty looking up, down or over your shoulder
      • Weakness in your arm or shoulder muscles
      • Muscle spasms and pain around the neck and shoulder
      • Pain in the neck, upper back, shoulders, arms, or hands
      • Inability to maintain upright posture
      • Stiffness in the neck and shoulders
      • Headaches
      • Difficulty maintaining one position for a long period of time
      • Difficulty sleeping due to pain


  • We conduct a thorough examination including the head, neck, and arms. We determine the root cause of your symptoms to ensure that physical therapy treatment is the best option for you.
  • We examine posture, range of motion, strength, reflexes, sensation, soft tissue mobility, joint mobility, nerve mobility, and functional movements to create a custom treatment plan. We also take into account any imaging that you have had like X-Rays, MRI, CT scans, etc.

Can Physical Therapy Help?

  • Yes!!! Recent onset of symptoms typically results in a quicker recovery time of about 1-2 months. Whereas persistent symptoms that have lasted longer than 6 months, usually takes 2-6 months to recover.
  • Good news!!! Recent research has actually shown that physical therapy is a better option than surgery, pain medication and injections. We can help you avoid unnecessary invasive procedures and tests that cost a fortune with limited effectiveness.
  • More good news!!! Recent research has also shown that arthritis can begin as early as your 20’s but most people actually never have pain due to arthritis alone. The outcomes with physical therapy treatment are very good to reduce pain, increase functionality, and enjoy your life!
  • “I had a severe neck injury-impending surgery about a year ago and hope for improvement was little. […] I left the first session feeling positive and hopeful. Steven was very professional, thorough and patient. After the 3rd session, I could feel a huge improvement and by the end I was about 90% improved overall. This team does “miracles”! They support their patients, follow up on them… all this with a positive attitude and a smile!!” – Dr. Elias M.

Physical Therapy Treatment

  • We follow a 5-step approach:
    • Recover – reduce your pain
    • Restore – regain normal movement and eliminate pain
    • Revitalize – get your life back
    • Thrive – optimize your life and body
    • B Your Best – flourish and live fully pain-free