“There’s no better time to start than now.”

Don’t Suffer Any Longer!

Don’t waste any more time not enjoying your life! My personal experience with back pain began when I was 16 years old. I injured my back performing heavy-weighted squats and tried to self-manage the pain with ice and stretching for a few weeks. After this, I tried to get back into weight training and playing sports, but the pain persisted every time I tried to be active. Eventually, I grew frustrated with the incessant pain and stopped training and exercising altogether, leading to a sedentary lifestyle.

After 3 months, I visited a doctor who ordered an MRI, which showed 3 bulging discs in my lumbar spine. Then I went to a physical therapist, also named Stephen, and he changed my life forever. Within 6 weeks, I was able to return to playing basketball and golf, and training 5 days per week. I was able to recover and get back to my normal life, but in the meantime, I’d lost over 5 months! Plus, by then I was out of shape and de-conditioned from my sedentary lifestyle, so it took me an additional month to get back to 100%. That’s a total of 6 months lost!

Learn from me…get treatment early!!!