Meet Nick Robinson

“We are building the brightest, most distinguished, and most innovative treatment team in Central Florida!”

Nick Robinson Personal Trainer

Nick Robinson, CPT, CF-L1

BS Exercise Science |
Certified Personal Trainer | National Academy of Sports Medicine

“Here at B Physical Therapy, we believe in truly solving the problem that is the root cause of your pain, using the best possible treatment, and getting you better faster in the fewest amount of visits needed. This is the principle that we built B Physical Therapy on and what continues to make us successful in helping the people of Orlando get great results and pain-free again.”


Nick Robinson is our Patient Care Specialist and Personal Trainer at B Physical Therapy. Nick is an avid soccer fan and likes to cheer on his favorite team, Chelsea. His favorite soccer player is American, Chelsea player, Christian Pulisic. Nick is also a huge UFC fan and his favorite fighter is Israel Adesanya. Nick enjoys breaking down the movement patterns of UFC and MMA-style fighting and then applying these movement patterns to his training.

Nick grew up in Gainesville, Florida and still loves cheering on his Florida Gators. Nick grew up playing many sports but ended up finding his passion in soccer. After high school, he moved to Orlando to attend UCF and earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Currently, Nick is studying to earn his Masters in Kinesiology at UCF. His passion is to help people realize the importance of improving movement and be able to gain confidence in their body to become as healthy as possible.

Nick holds numerous certifications including being a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He also earned his Pain-free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC) in 2021. Nick has trained CrossFit in the past and still is passionate about CrossFit style training leading to him getting his CrossFit Level 1 certification in February 2020. At B Physical Therapy, we want each patient to have a long-term plan for their health. Nick manages our in-person training and online training programs.

In addition to being B Physical Therapy’s Personal Trainer, he is also our Patient Care Specialist ensuring that your experience at our office is 5-star! Nick is passionate about making sure that your experience at our office is seamless and easy so you can focus on improving your health. Nick also leads our internship program for UCF undergraduate students to allow students to gain valuable experience in a physical therapy and training environment.

Nick likes to stay active by weight training and exploring new movements and exercises to challenge his body. His hobbies include cooking, reading, spending time with his family and friends, and traveling. Nick loves expanding his knowledge and learning to further help his clients and the practice grow. Nick looks forward to helping each person that interacts with our practice so that you can “B Your Best”!

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