Goals: Reduce long-standing, persistent pain and improve your ability to live your life!

Purpose: If you have been hampered by chronic pain, then we have some excellent research-based strategies to help you reduce your pain. Pain can be affected by so many different aspects of our life including any recent or long-standing injuries. We focus on improving each aspect of your life to regain your ability to enjoy each day.

Treatment specifics: Have you ever wondered why you hurt? It’s a pretty complex question and the answer can sometimes be just as difficult to understand. The first step in this program is to help you better understand why you’re in pain and how different aspects of your life affect how you feel physically. Then, we apply these principles to hands-on treatment, specific exercise, and overall wellness to decrease your pain.

How we use this treatment: Sometimes, we hurt due to a combination of many different factors. These factors can include food intake, sleep, stress, previous injuries and experiences, self-esteem, hope, and most of all someone in your corner that you can trust to help you. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can help walk you through each factor and how to address these in order to begin living a pain-free life.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (407) 698-5558.