Goals: Improve muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance.

Purpose: Increase your body’s ability to perform over a long period of time.

Treatment specifics: Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t just mean going for a run. Many of us need to be able to perform the same movement or maintain a specific position for a long period of time. We focus on improving your overall endurance, but also focus on specific muscles and muscle groups to ensure that you don’t feel fatigue and pain during an activity. We focus on progressively increasing the capacity of your body over increasing periods of time to reduce the likelihood of having pain.

How we use this treatment: We focus on improving endurance to make your body more resilient over time. If you have to stand for 8 hours per day at work, then we need to make sure your body can do this without pain. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) who have expertise in conditioning/endurance training everyday patients to professional athletes. We can help you reach your endurance goals and get rid of your pain!

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