Goals: Reduce pain, swelling, or improve proprioception.

Purpose: Taping can provide decreased pain to a specific area by engaging receptors in the skin underlying tissue to decrease pain. Sometimes it’s like giving the painful area a hug! We also use taping to help stabilize to improve performance and allow increased activity and performance.

Treatment specifics: We apply tape sometimes to help assist our other treatments or when trying to provide longer-term relief and allow more advanced exercise or training. The tape can typically stay on your body for 3-5 days. Plus, you can get it wet and exercise with it on! Just be sure to not apply heat to the tape because this can irritate your skin.

How we use this treatment: We’ve found that taping works very well for specific injuries and issues. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can help determine if taping will help you reduce your pain and increase your ability to live your life pain-free!

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