Goals: Establish proper movement patterns and then reinforce these patterns so they are naturally ingrained and consistent.

Purpose: We utilize this type of treatment to create new movement patterns or refine previously learned patterns. This incorporates the saying “perfect practice makes perfect performance.” We strive to improve the efficiency that your brain and nerves communicate with your muscles to improve your overall movement.

Treatment specifics: We first identify any aberrant movement patterns and then apply corrective techniques to improve your neuromuscular control. Then, we reinforce those patterns to create efficiency so you apply these movements to many different situations. This can incorporate balance, proprioception, coordination, and strength training.

How we use this treatment: Once you learn or refine a movement pattern, we need to repeat that pattern and then challenge your ability to perform this pattern by adding a balance challenge, weights, or isometric holds. We can also apply this movement to different positions. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can get very creative to challenge your body in ways that promote improved neuromuscular control and efficiency to decrease your risk of injury and get rid of pain.

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