Goals: Reduce pain and increase motion as specific spinal levels.

Purpose: Specific spinal levels can sometimes refer pain to other areas of the body. Targeting specific spinal segments can often help decrease arm or leg symptoms especially if your spine is the root cause of your symptoms.

Treatment specifics: Spinal mobilization incorporates gentle mobilizations to specific spinal levels. This involves oscillating at specific intensities and depths to provide a stimulus to the joint and surrounding tissues that allows motion to occur. Spinal manipulation incorporates a quick stretch and often results in cavitation or commonly called “pop”. This is done in a safe and precise manner that is effective in reducing pain and stiffness. Manipulation causes a signal to be transmitted up your spinal cord to your brain. Then, your brain registers this signal and sends a message down your spinal cord instructing the muscles and tissue in the surrounding area to relax.

How we use this treatment: We may use a variety of different techniques depending on what YOU need. We’ll explain each technique prior to treatment so you understand the goal of each hands-on mobilization/manipulation. Additional methods of treatment coupled with spinal manipulation/mobilization typically improve long-term results. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have specialized training in spinal treatments and will make you feel comfortable.

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