Goals: Increase strength and tissue resiliency

Purpose: Improve your body’s ability to take on the physical demands of each day and get your body stronger!

Treatment specifics: This treatment seems simple, but it’s actually quite complex. We don’t train uninjured tissue the same as injured tissue. So, if you’ve had an injury we need to make sure we’re strengthening without aggravating your symptoms and your injury. We’ll start by focusing on specific muscles or muscle groups. We also may start with a limited amount of motion. Then, we’ll gradually progress and increase the difficulty by increasing range of motion, increasing weight, modifying your body position, or progressing the exercise to a more challenging task. Once we’ve gotten rid of your pain, then we have some fun and build your body up to make you more resilient!

How we use this treatment: Our primary goal is for each patient to have a comprehensive strength program once they complete their care! We also offer a membership program to help you continue to improve without needing to come to our office! Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) who have expertise in strengthening everyone from someone who has little exercise experience to professional athletes. We can help you reach your strength goals and decrease your risk of injury!

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