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When you’re trying to manage your pain, the last thing on your mind is often strength training and conditioning. However, strength training and conditioning, when used correctly, can actually help to relieve your pain. In fact, professional physical therapists often use strength and conditioning training as a part of their patients’ physical therapy programs. This is because strength and resistance training helps to improve your ability to support bone and cartilage by strengthening the muscles around the joints. Not only does this help to provide pain relief for the patient but it also helps to reduce joint stiffness and improve your flexibility.

What If It Hurts to Exercise?

The most common reason why patients are unsure of strength and conditioning training for pain management is that exercising can be painful for them depending on their condition. This is why it’s so important to consult a physical therapist at B Physical Therapy before you begin exercising. 

Your physical therapist at B Physical Therapy will help you find stretches and exercises unique to you. For instance, if you’re experiencing joint pain, your physical therapist can help you find low-impact exercises that take it easy on your joints while helping to strengthen and condition the muscles around them. Aerobics and swimming are some of the best exercises you can do for joint pain.

Using Proper Form

It’s just as important to use proper form and technique as it is to perform the correct stretches and exercises for your body. Your physical therapist will help guide you through your stretches and exercises so you can feel confident to begin doing them at home on your own without the risk of injury.

If you’re interested in learning more about strength and conditioning training as a part of your physical therapy program, contact B Physical Therapy today.

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