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“B Physical Therapy not only helped with my physical health needs but mental health as well. […] Steven and Nick are amazing people.”
– Zack P.

“I was referred to Dr B from a close friend and patient of his. He came highly recommended! I was having terrible upper back pain that lasted for 2 months. I was desperately seeking some relief as I had an upcoming ski trip and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to go. I can’t say enough about my experience with Dr B! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is the kindest, most caring human! Within a week he had my pain level down to the point that I was able to enjoy my ski trip! He is such a skilled Physical Therapist! When I came back, the pandemic hit and Dr. B (Steven) was able to do online visits with me and take me the rest of the way to healing! He provided exercises that were specific to treating the cause of my pain. These exercises have also served for preventative care! I highly recommend B Physical Therapy!!!!”
– Barbara M.



“As good as it gets in physical therapy! Dr. Balogh treats his patients as more than just a number. He really does incorporate his own walk through physical therapy as a patient as a fuel to the passion he now has to help others realize their potential of their body. I got knocked during a soccer game and ended up hurting a tricky part of the knee anatomy. Not only did Dr. Balogh address the physical impairment in my condition but he also incorporated the learned skills and movement into applicable life situations as a student and as an athlete. Dr. B is the type of professional that goes above and beyond…. even far more than I would go for myself. That is the type of man that I would want in my corner as a physical therapist – I would recommend him to anyone!”
– Juan S.



“I started working with Dr. B a year ago when I injured my back. I was in a tough spot being that I couldn’t be active (plays sports and exercise) which I have done my entire life. Unfortunately, before I found out about Dr. B, I wasted a lot of time and money going to about 5 chiropractors. Unlike most places, B Physical Therapy will work with you and ensure that you’re moving towards your goals. Dr. B. has literally helped me live a pain-free life and I am forever grateful for him.”
– Erik L.





“Steven is great and provides thorough sessions to focus on my goals and quality exercises and instruction to perform my best. The B Physical Therapy environment is great with always the best music hits for positive energy and the 1 on 1 sessions with the therapist never cause any wait times!! The reception and therapy departments provide the best customer service with flexibility with scheduling and payments! It is always a great experience!”
– Kellie E.



“Dr. B is awesome! I tore my ACL and thought my leg wouldn’t be the same again. But with the help of Dr. B i was able to get back to my sport just 6 months post operation! Sessions are great and he is very attentive to his patient’s needs in and outside the office. He is very passionate about what he does, it was a great experience! Check him out!”

– Nick D.




“Dr. B is a such a GEM!! If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would. I was injured 2 years ago, and it got to the point that I didn’t see any chance of resuming exercise with my husband (we loved to CrossFit together). I tried many times to return, making modifications, and removing any weight load, but I always ended up with a terrible flare up (nerve pain down my arm to wrist, neck/shoulder pain, migraines that would last for days). I even tried other gyms, thinking that if I just found something new, the pain would stop. It did not. Then I found Dr. B., he helped me take everything to ground level, and piece by piece he rebuilt my training. He even guided my programming as I returned to CrossFit. I am back lifting again, PAIN FREE!!! A year ago I didn’t believe this would be possible. I am forever grateful!!”
– Naomi R.



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