What is virtual physical therapy?

Virtual physical therapy or telehealth refers to physical therapy services that are provided over a technology platform often incorporating video conferencing. This allows you to receive physical therapy from the comfort and safety of your home.

How does virtual physical therapy work?

It’s actually pretty simple…

  1. Schedule your initial examination appointment through our website or call us at 407-698-5558.
  2. Complete your new patient forms online in your patient portal.
  3. Download PhysiApp on your mobile device.
  4. You will receive an email and a message through PhysiApp at the time of your appointment (please allow approximately 5 minutes for the clinician to set up devices).
  5. Accept the call request in PhysiApp or follow the instructions in the email to begin your video conference.
  6. Then, enjoy your virtual physical therapy examination!

What happens during the exam?

You will receive the same comprehensive examination that you would receive in our office. The only difference is that we are doing it virtually through a video conference! We will perform:

  1. Range of motion and flexibility assessment
  2. Dynamic strength and mobility assessment
  3. Posture analysis
  4. Muscle and strength testing
  5. Neural dynamic testing
  6. Movement analysis
  7. Balance and motor control assessment
  8. Additional special testing if necessary
  9. Plus, same-day treatment and an individualized treatment plan.

What are the benefits of virtual physical therapy?

With a virtual physical therapy session, you can:

  1. Receive the same high-quality one-on-one care through a private video conference!
  2. Undergo an extremely thorough examination and movement analysis in the comfort and safety of your home.
  3. Understand the nature of your pain and the root cause.
  4. Receive specific treatments, programming, and corrective exercise/movement instruction to get rid of your pain.
  5. Have easy access to your physical therapist.
  6. Use our simple mobile app to carry out your treatment plan as prescribed by your therapist.

Are there any disadvantages to having a virtual therapy session?

No, virtual physical therapy is just as effective as it is in-office. While we understand any concerns you might have about your virtual session, rest assured that your experience will be comprehensive and successful. The session is one-on-one, meaning you will get the personalized care and attention you need and deserve. You’ll be able to interact with your physical therapist as they guide you through your treatment. You won’t lose out on any aspect of your treatment. Please bring up any questions or concerns you may have at any time and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Why would I choose virtual physical therapy?

Not only do you receive the same care as you would in an office, but virtual physical therapy also allows you to receive that care in a more comfortable setting: your home. Your home is an environment you’re familiar with, which means you can feel at ease as you undergo your treatment. Your physical therapist will always be just a phone call away if you have any concerns, and you won’t have to navigate in-office procedures. You’ll save time and ease of mind while gaining everything else that physical therapy has to offer you.

Why choose B Physical Therapy?

When it comes to your virtual therapy session, you can feel confident in the personal attention you will receive. You will work directly with a doctor of physical therapy, not an aid or a technician, ensuring that your goals are met to their fullest potential. Our 5-step process for treatment is effective at reducing your pain and restoring your life. Don’t settle for low-quality therapy sessions you’ve found online, choose B Physical Therapy and get a personalized, comprehensive, and superior treatment plan. Please contact us right away to begin getting your life back on track without pain. Our physical therapists are here for you and ready to help you.