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Eliminate your pain, enjoy your life, and B your best!  

You may have said or have thought…

“I want to be able to live my life pain-free without limitations”

“I am frustrated and tired of not being able to enjoy my life”

“I should not feel limited every day of my life. I deserve to feel good every day.”

We help active people who are frustrated by pain and discomfort, find the root cause, restore normal movement, and return to a joyful, energetic, pain-free life! Check our testimonials (link). Start your journey to being pain-free and living the life you want!

  • Schedule an initial examination (only $87 – no physician referral needed!)
  • Let us find the root cause of your pain
  • Create a custom treatment plan for you
  • Start living pain-free!

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Your treatment plan will focus on our 5-step process to get rid of your pain and let you enjoy your life again!

  1. Recover – reduce your pain!
  2. Restore – regain normal movement and eliminate pain!
  3. Revitalize – get your life back!
  4. Thrive – optimize your life and body!
  5. 5. B Your Best – flourish and live fully pain-free!

We’re different from other medical providers…

You’ll actually find that B Physical Therapy is completely different! Each visit consists of exclusive, one-on-one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. You will never be treated by aides or technicians, and you will always have the complete, undivided attention of your therapist. You can also expect privacy and an optimal recovery environment. We feel this approach allows our patients to recover faster with fewer visits, and immediately helps you to start feeling like your better self!

Your first visit will include:

  • Initial examination to find the root cause of your pain
  • Hands-on therapy to begin the healing process
  • A customized treatment plan to get you pain-free and back to a joyful, active life

You will leave in less pain and with a detailed description of a home exercise plan (including videos) to help you continue your progress between your visits.

Eliminate your pain, enjoy your life, and B your best! 

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